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Fans with a sweet tooth are invited to enjoy the sticky offerings at Honeydukes sweet shop, which provides an assortment of treats from pumpkin pasties, chocolate frogs and the precarious jelly beans in detailed packaging, as seen in the film franchise.Props from each of the films are installed throughout Hogsmeade.Most of these are posted by months as they were written for the sm_monthly livejournal community, so if the mix appears to be eclectic then you must thank the mods over there. In the posts there will be typically be a two to three chapter story thrown in.If you like one chapter and not the others, feel free to just review the one you like.The attraction even includes a Howler screaming and then shredding itself in the window display.With authentic Harry Potter wands for sale, for about NZ, attendees can perform spells throughout Hogsmeade.

So, Fred and Snape are alive, and Wormtail did not spend the summer at Spinner's End, he thought he did, but well...There is a computer on the corner of the desk, mounds of papers, and pens.Against one wall there is a side board with a pot of tea and sweets.There are a few chairs are scattered about.*Please make yourself comfortable.I'm sorry to say that I can not post anywhere my schedule for releasing chapters as I have seen others do, but I just don't know when they shall come. I will say that I have never left a tale undone to date.

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