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It was during queen Victoria’s reign there came another tension between the United States and Britain, in the TRENT AFFAIR. To think about the poetic matter on paper, we may consider the BEQUEST (Love, II): there is something particular about its meter.

I attach a NOTE to the poem, to explain further on the Greek “tessellation”. Ancient canons allowed to “sum up” vowel length, in the count. The superscript letter S marks vowels that would be the shortest, in proximity with prosodically prominent positions: All the above together, the prints of today would present unfinished versions for Emily Dickinson’s poems, more, some re-written in a different, possibly another hand, with accuracy that reasonably can be doubted.

Would the material have come from times later than Emily Dickinson, the result would end all speculation she might have authored such a version of the poem.

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I never read prefaces or afterwords, before I read the text.

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