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Impressive as the Smith Tower was – it was the major feature of the Seattle skyline when my dad and I went fishing on Elliott Bay – the destruction of sustainability was already well underway.

Sure, you can look at the sharp rise in the kneed of the curve there (around 1900) and figure well, global pop was sustainable at those levels. Remember, this was before electric lights (generally), before radio, before indoor plumbing most places, before public health, clean water, antibiotics, and not much in the way of cars, no gas stations to speak of, lots of horse poop, and…well sustainable but at what would be sustainable.” No. The cost of the space the broom closet occupies, ad infinitum. It’s Because in fact, the reality is, that today young people are Merging, more than marrying. If possible, install in their place Humans First candidates who will hold for ALL of us the same rights as machines and Corporations. I have no interest at all in dying with several million dollars worth of unclaimed deprecation. When any other machine wears out, someone write off depreciation. So what happens when that scales up to walk-around robots? Marriage is also becoming an archaic term for another reason: Today, what is colloquially called “marriage” is a misuse of the business term “merger.” The way world: If you are a company, everything you do to further the making of money is an allowable business write-off. Say you need a broom to keep the workplace orderly. And since the closet gets dirty, you can write off the cost of maintaining the broom closet (Swiffers or whatever to dust it, for example). A bit off track, but that’s why we are changing our use of the world Marriage. For those not clear on the accountancy issues here, wake up and fire every SOB/DOB who runs for re-election whenever your can. Wait till you hear my discussion of how, at Age 68, I should be able to deduct previously unclaimed personal depreciation! And you can bet your ass that Corporations get to write off But that’s on the income side.When the city was young, the timbers used were cedar – but when those ran out, there was a materials change to Douglas Fir…but that required creosote. The story of water quality of the Duwamish River in Seattle is instructive because, as was reported in 1945, there was already a major water pollution problem evolving: “South of the Spokane St. This plant formerly discharged some oil from cutting machines into the waterway. The oil is now directed into a large sand pit on the property which, at the present time, serves as an adequate filter.However, in a few years this sand will probably become saturated with the oil and the waste will again seep into the waterway.

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