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Colin Kaepernick may be the most controversial free agent in NFL history.

Perhaps President Donald Trump is right, and teams are wary of signing him because Trump will tweet about them.

When I think about a woman’s juicy red cunt, I start to lose my mind.

I just want to get close enough to make sure she has absolutely no tiny pubic hairs and everything is fresh.

If that happens, the Panthers would likely look to Derek Anderson.

Given what happened last season when Newton went down, that’s not an exciting proposition.

Perhaps the long-standing critics of Kaepernick’s game have finally won the argument.

Any way you slice it, it doesn’t make sense that Kaepernick is still on the market at this point in free agency. He may not even be an average starter at this point.

Newton should be ready for training camp but there’s always a chance he will suffer a setback.

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However, it’s hard to make the argument teams like the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets could not use his services.

It’s almost impossible to argue that he is not better than most current NFL backups.

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