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While they were acquitted, this kind of legal discrimination, along with a general social stigma, dogged the Melungeons well into the twentieth century.It wasn’t until the 1960s, when other racial groups found a new pride in their identity, that the Melungeon’s revisited their own.What happens to the Melungeons once their mystery is solved? Will people still clammer to claim Melungeon roots when they know exactly what that means? Will journalists and bloggers like me still bother to write about this unusual clan, or will they fade into history, another mixed-race group assimilated into the mainstream? In 2004, we travelled to Japan to visit the Binchotan charcoal craftsmen from the Kishu area, which then led to our first collection of objects, lighting and jewelry with this special technique.We successfully exhibited this collection at the Maison & Objet trade show in January 20.

Lorene and Hirohiko: Hirohiko Kamiya, 46 years-old and Lorène Kamiya Hayat, 41, we are a French-Japanese couple and designers working together for the past twenty years.Then we founded our brand called Eskimeït where we keep developing jewelry and objects around Binchotan charcoal.In our work - since we met- we have always been looking for new materials which we could transform and change from their original purpose and functionality.The researchers compared the families’ oral histories, documentation such as court records, and DNA patterns.They found that, in spite of a wide range of ethnic claims, the overwhelming majority of their subjects were the offspring of men who originated from sub-Saharan Africa and women from northern or central European.

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In nearly a dozen court cases, the ethnicity of Melungeon people was challenged, including one case in which several members of the group were tried for illegal voting.

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