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Kate sits at his desk to leave him a note and finds a document indicating that Warren has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. In her haste, she has left her wedding ring on the nightstand, so she returns to retrieve it.

The elevator doors open on the figure of a tall, blond woman in dark sunglasses wielding a straight razor.

In a final sequence, Elliott escapes from the asylum and slashes Liz's throat in a bloody act of vengeance.

She wakes up screaming, Peter rushing to her side, realizing that it was just a dream.

And as the doctor edges closer to the terrible truth, he finds himself lost in a provocative and deadly maze of obsession, deviance and deceit- where the most harmless erotic fantasies..become the most deadly sexual nightmares!

To condemn Dressed to Kill as a Hitchcock rip-off is to miss the sheer enjoyment of Brian De Palma's delirious 1980 thriller.

Whenever a woman sexually aroused Elliott, Bobbi, representing the unstable, female side of the doctor's personality, became threatened to the point that it finally became murderous. Levy realised this through his last conversation with Elliott, he called the police on the spot, who then, with his help, did their duty.Hitchcockian homages run rampant through most of De Palma's earlier films, and this one's chock-full of visual quotes, mostly cribbed from Vertigo and Psycho.But De Palma's indulgent depravity transcends simple mimicry to assume a vitality all its own.Peter is watching through the window when a blonde pulls him away.When Liz returns, a blonde with a razor confronts her; the blonde outside shoots and wounds the blonde inside, the wig falls off, and it is Dr. The blonde who shot Bobbi is actually a female police officer, revealing herself to be the blonde who has been trailing Liz.

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