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It's one thing to own all of a band's studio albums; it's another to seek out all of its live albums, and bootlegs from as many tours as possible (and often multiple bootlegs from the same tour), and multiple concert DVD's, and a good chunk of solo material from the various members, even when I expect it to stink.

Yup, I've been an obsessive fan since 1998, and even as my music collection has continued to expand and diversify, the band's hold on my mind has remained, and I find it hard to see a scenario in which that would change.

Much of this, of course, stems from a bad attitude towards the progressive genre in general.

More than any other group around, Yes was the symbol of prog taken to its ultimate height, and they pretty much defined all of the 'wretched excesses' that so many critics love to beat to death.

And besides, it's not as if the man's singing couldn't hypnotize a man with its beauty; listen to his reverbed voice soaring over the mellotron in "Revealing Science" in the "getting over overhanging trees" part, or his moving lament in "Turn of the Century," and tell me you aren't moved to tears.

I love how their members tended to be superb instrumentalists, not just in raw technical ability but in terms of style and flair.I love the amount of thought they put into what they wrote while still remaining, at heart, a pop group.I love how they managed to pile on new layers of complexity and invention from album to album without sacrificing entertainment value, and yet almost never engaged in complexity for its own sake.It takes a few readings to realize it, but after a while, something clicks in your mind and you actually begin to get it, whatever "it" is.Also, one must keep in mind that much of, if not most of the time, regardless of how strange the lyrics seems to us, they almost always mean a lot to Anderson. Lyrics aside though, there is also the issue of Jon's voice.

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To put it mildly, his lyrics are usually, um, intimidating.

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