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C.) The cuneiform tablet in the Sorgun district of Yozgat shows symbols of , known as the Hittite goddess of love, war, fertility and sexuality. Biblically, from Genesis “the snake” to Revelation “the beast” these are associated to Lucifer and the devil who caused such rebellion by transforming himself into a snake with four legs then lured Eve.Ishtar or “the queen of harlots” goddess was found mentioned more clearly in this cuneiform than those on any other unearthed tablets. ] The bitter cry [for] the captive Ama-ushumgal-anna! On a side note, while some think that a four legged snake is myth, archeologists earthing fossil records prove that a snake with four legs is a fact, the snake must have then devolved, not evolved.

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Regardless, big data is often very revealing about people’s real preferences – height, weight, age, income, sex, and so on.

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